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NVDA and EV Stocks: Market Momentum Waning

In the world of finance and precious metals, there is always something new to watch and learn. Today, we are joined by Jared Dillian, founder of Jared Dillian Money and author of “No Worries: How to Live a Stress-Free Financial Life.” Jared’s insights into the market and his predictions for the future are always worth listening to.

Jared’s book, which was released on January 23rd, has been a success and continues to sell well even four months later. But as we move into the summer months, Jared shares his concerns about the market. Recent economic data, such as the Chicago PMI and ADP numbers, have been less than stellar, leading Jared to believe that a market correction may be on the horizon.

When asked about the potential correction, Jared predicts a 5 to 8% pullback, which he believes would shake out the late longs and restore technical health to the market. He also discusses specific names to watch, such as Nvidia, which is setting up for a 10:1 stock split. Jared warns that milestones like becoming the world’s largest company could be a turning point for a stock like Nvidia.

In addition to Nvidia, Jared is keeping an eye on Palladium, which he believes may have bottomed out and could be setting up for a move higher in the next few years. He also shares his thoughts on gold and silver, noting that he has been a gold bull for a long time and sees potential for further gains in the precious metals market.

As the conversation turns to the upcoming election, Jared discusses the potential impact of EV tax credits on the market. He notes that the relationship between President Trump and Elon Musk could play a role in the future of these credits, but ultimately, it is hard to predict.

Overall, Jared’s insights into the market and precious metals provide valuable information for investors looking to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape. As we head into the summer months, it will be important to stay informed and be prepared for any potential market shifts. Thank you, Jared Dillian, for sharing your expertise with us.



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