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Review of the 2024 iPad Pro

The new 13-inch iPad Pro and 11-inch iPad Pro for 2024 are here, both running on Apple’s new M4 chip. As a long-time user of the 2018 iPad Pro, I never felt the need to upgrade until I got a chance to check out these new devices in New York. The unboxing experience was different, with no plastic stickers and a black charging cable included only with the 13-inch model.

The most impressive feature of these new iPads is the OLED panels, which are incredibly bright and energy-efficient. While the displays are stunning, I couldn’t help but feel that they weren’t a significant improvement over my 2018 iPad Pro, especially indoors. However, for professionals who require color accuracy, the new panels are a game-changer.

The new iPads are thinner and lighter than their predecessors, with the 13-inch model being particularly impressive. The M4 chip offers fast performance, but for everyday tasks like streaming and note-taking, it’s hard to notice a significant difference from the previous generation.

The new Apple Pencil Pro and Magic Keyboard are also noteworthy additions, offering improved functionality and a better typing experience. However, the fact that these accessories are only compatible with the new iPad Pros is a downside for users of older models.

One standout feature of the new iPads is the ability to run multiple cameras simultaneously in Final Cut, controlling focus and zoom from a single device. This capability has convinced me to upgrade to the new 13-inch iPad Pro, as it aligns perfectly with my video production needs.

Overall, the new iPad Pros offer a range of impressive features and enhancements, making them a compelling choice for users looking to upgrade. While the price has increased, the improvements in performance and functionality make it a worthwhile investment for those who rely on their devices for professional use.



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