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Secret Hack for Long-Term Success

Today, I decided to take my long run out to the highway where I live. Despite the sketchy spots, I prefer the peacefulness of running on the highway rather than in the city. My plan was to run 40K and see how my body held up.

I’ve been dealing with a tender knee, so I had some shock wave therapy yesterday. So far, I was feeling pretty good, but my lower back was a little stiff from putting together a patio set with my wife the day before. I knew I had to listen to my body and find a balance between pushing myself and taking it easy.

As I hit the 24 km mark, I was feeling good and warming up nicely. I had to switch up my hydration plan since my usual drink was out of stock, but I found a good replacement. With 16 km to go, I was feeling strong and determined to finish the 40K.

At 33 km, I was starting to feel tired but pushed through with the help of a secret weapon – pickle juice for cramps. It may sound strange, but it works wonders for electrolytes and tasted surprisingly good.

Finally, I completed the 40K run feeling accomplished but definitely feeling the distance in my knees. It’s time for a well-deserved recovery day. See you on the next run!



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