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Strategist predicts a rate cut on June 5

The topic of interest rates and the potential for a cut by the Bank of Canada is a hotly debated issue in the financial world. In a recent interview with Dominic La Point, Global Macro Strategist at Manulife Investment Management, it was revealed that the broader picture still favors a cut in interest rates next week.

La Point pointed out that recent economic data, such as the CPI print in April and a miss on retail sales, suggest that consumption is not as strong as it could be. Additionally, the GDP print this morning indicated that there is no urgency in the Canadian economy, with things holding fairly steady but not reaccelerating.

When looking at forward-looking indicators, La Point believes that there is no significant sign of a big reacceleration in the economy. This, coupled with the fact that inflation is below target levels and business investment intentions remain weak, leads him to believe that the Bank of Canada will likely cut interest rates next week.

Despite some positive signs, such as a high household savings rate, La Point remains concerned about the overall health of the Canadian economy. He does not believe that a recession would be severe, but he does anticipate a shallow downturn in the second half of the year.

One potential concern for the Bank of Canada is the possibility of a bounce in housing activity if and when they start cutting rates. While they may be worried about a pickup in housing through mortgage debt, La Point believes that this should not prevent them from cutting rates if they believe it is necessary to stimulate the economy.

Overall, the decision to cut interest rates next week will be a crucial one for the Bank of Canada. With various economic indicators pointing towards the need for stimulus, it will be interesting to see how they navigate the delicate balance between supporting the economy and managing potential risks in the housing market. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.



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