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Tech giants are feeling the pressure | DW Business

The power of big tech companies has been a topic of discussion for years, but in recent times, authorities in both the US and the EU have started to crack down on their dominance. These companies, with their staggering amount of power, have been able to influence everything from our shopping baskets to our worldview. However, the days of unchallenged power seem to be over.

In a recent interview with Bill Kattic, former chair of the Federal Trade Commission and director of the Competition Law Center at George Washington University, we delved into the historical context of monopolies and the potential dangers of having a small number of tech companies dominate the market. Kattic highlighted the importance of competition policy in fostering innovation and preventing anti-competitive practices.

One of the companies under scrutiny is Apple, which has come to dominate the smartphone software market alongside Google’s Android. The Department of Justice has accused Apple of illegal monopolization, but Apple argues that it faces robust competition globally and provides superior performance to users.

The conversation also touched on the Digital Markets Act (DMA) in the EU and the tough stance regulators are taking on big tech companies. Kattic emphasized the need for collaboration between jurisdictions to effectively regulate digital companies whose operations span the globe.

The interview also delved into the case of TikTok, with the House of Representatives seeking to force the company to sell its US operations over fears of data harvesting by the Chinese government. Kattic discussed the evidence behind these claims and the complex logistics of regulating digital companies operating worldwide.

Overall, the conversation shed light on the challenges regulators face in policing digital companies and the importance of staying ahead of technological developments. With the right expertise and collaboration, regulators can effectively address the power of big tech companies and ensure a fair and competitive market for all.



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