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Things are Getting Thrilling

Welcome back to TechLink, the show where we round up the day’s tech news like we’re herding a pack of hogs back into the barn, and they don’t always listen – especially Gunther, oh, he’s going to put up a fight, you can bet your britches on that.

In today’s episode, we have some exciting news about Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon X Series laptop CPUs, which have massive benefits compared to Intel, according to leaked internal documents from Dell. The Snapdragon-based laptop delivers 68 to 98% longer battery life during local video playback, depending on the display type. The price of a Snapdragon X Plus is also less than half the price of an Intel Raptor Lake core i7, which could explain why Dell has opted for Qualcomm in some of their upcoming laptops.

Meanwhile, Nvidia has teamed up with mediatech to release their own arm-based Apu for PCs, and OpenAI has announced GPT-4, a new voice-based model that can process audio and images directly without transcribing them to text first.

But not all news is good news – Asus is catching flack for allegedly refusing to honor warranty repair requests, with some customers being quoted exorbitant prices for minor cosmetic issues. And Microsoft is adding Game Pass recommendations ads to the Windows 11 settings homepage for users who game on their PC.

And in a surprising turn of events, the future of dating may involve sending AI bots on simulated dates based on personalities, according to Bumble founder Whitney Wolf Herd.

So buckle up, grab your favorite tech gadgets, and join us for another exciting episode of TechLink. Stay tuned for more tech news on Wednesday!



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