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Will Nvidia’s rapid growth persist?

Nvidia shares have been on a wild ride over the past five years, with an incredible increase of over 2,000%. One lucky investor, Dan Morgan, got in on the action back in May 2020 when the stock was just $70 a share. Now, with the stock soaring to new heights, Dan is here to discuss Nvidia’s explosive growth story.

Despite some concerns about potential slowdowns in demand for Nvidia’s chips, the company’s recent performance has been nothing short of impressive. With the data center segment up 427% and guidance for the upcoming quarter exceeding expectations, it’s clear that Nvidia is still on a strong growth trajectory.

One key factor driving Nvidia’s success is the production of their Blackwell chip. With full production already underway and demand expected to be high, Nvidia is gearing up to meet the needs of major tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta. The introduction of the Blackwell chip is expected to further boost Nvidia’s market share and solidify their position as a leader in the industry.

When it comes to competition, Dan points out that companies like Intel, AMD, and others are vying for a piece of Nvidia’s market share. However, with Nvidia’s strong customer base and diverse product offerings, it will be challenging for competitors to make significant inroads.

The recent 10 for one stock split has also generated excitement among investors, making Nvidia shares more accessible to retail investors. While the split may not directly impact the company’s fundamentals, it could lead to increased buying activity and drive the stock price higher in the short term.

As for the future of Nvidia, Dan sees no reason to sell the stock anytime soon. With the company’s continued expansion into new markets like automotive and the cloud, Nvidia’s growth story is just getting started. And when it comes to the cloud providers like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, Dan believes that Alphabet is in the lead with their Tensor Flow unit and advanced chip technology.

Overall, Nvidia’s incredible growth story and strong market position make it a compelling investment opportunity for both retail and institutional investors. With continued innovation and expansion into new markets, Nvidia is poised to remain a key player in the tech industry for years to come.



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