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Beauty Trends I Hope to See in 2024

In a world where makeup trends come and go faster than you can say “glazed donut nails,” it’s important to take a step back and reflect on the trends that we want to see die in 2024. As a corporate girl with a minimal approach to makeup, Kate is here to share her thoughts on the makeup trends that she’s ready to bid farewell to.

First up on Kate’s hit list is the trend of naming everything. From glazed donut nails to chocolate glazed lips, Kate is over the trend of assigning names to every makeup look and product. She points out the problematic nature of some trends, like the implication that clean makeup equals good and dirty makeup equals bad.

Next, Kate takes aim at the viral product trend, where every brand and influencer is jumping on the bandwagon of promoting the latest viral product. She’s tired of seeing the same products over and over again, with little innovation or substance behind them.

Kate also shares her disdain for advent calendars, particularly the ones filled with mini products that she finds unexciting and lacking in quality. She’s not a fan of surprises and would rather see brands focus on creating quality products rather than gimmicky advent calendars.

Cream stick blushes, lip oils, and filler-based marketing are also on Kate’s list of trends she wants to see die in 2024. She’s tired of seeing the same products repackaged and marketed as something new, and she’s over the trend of overly glowy, wet-looking skin.

Long pointy nails, laminated brows, and Black Friday sales are also trends that Kate is ready to say goodbye to. She’s tired of the pressure to constantly buy new products and the shady marketing tactics used by brands during sales events.

Overall, Kate’s message is clear: she’s ready for a more authentic and innovative approach to makeup trends in 2024. And if you’re on the same page as Kate, it might be time to start saying goodbye to some of these tired trends as well.



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