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Virtual Reality Torture: CATNAP Edition – Bonelab VR Mods

The story of 0.04 is a wild and chaotic adventure filled with unexpected twists and turns. It all starts with a plan to capture the elusive catnap, a dangerous creature that needs to be taken down. With a variety of tools and weapons at their disposal, the characters embark on a mission to capture and experiment on catnap.

However, things quickly spiral out of control as the experiments go awry and catnap becomes more powerful than ever. From anti-gravity syringes to flamethrowers and explosive barrels, the characters try everything in their arsenal to take down catnap, but nothing seems to work.

In a last-ditch effort, they decide to use a nuke to finally eliminate catnap. But to their shock and disbelief, catnap survives the blast and emerges unscathed. With no other options left, they resort to using a colorful atom bomb in a final attempt to defeat catnap.

The story ends with a cliffhanger as the characters face the aftermath of their explosive actions and the fate of catnap remains uncertain. Will they finally be able to take down catnap, or will the creature prove to be unstoppable? Only time will tell in the thrilling tale of 0.04.



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