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Fix Tesla battery for 1€ – Extracting 1 Cell

Music has the power to bring people together, to evoke emotions, and to create lasting memories. But what about the music of a Tesla Model S? In a unique blog story, we follow the journey of a Model S with a defective battery pack and how it was repaired to perfection.

The story begins with the diagnosis of the Model S, using the scan my Tesla tool to identify a big Delta on brick three. The car was experiencing issues with charging, stopping at around 70%. It was determined that one cell in the brick was defective and needed to be replaced.

The process of extracting the defective cell, balancing the brick, and recharging it was meticulously carried out by skilled technicians. The old cell was recycled, showcasing the sustainability of repairing battery packs rather than replacing them entirely.

After days of forced balancing, the battery pack was restored to perfection with a minimal Delta. The car was tested for three days to ensure everything was in working order before being delivered back to the customer.

The blog story also delves into another case of a Model S with multiple problematic cells in the battery pack. The decision was made to replace the entire block with a refurbished one to ensure the sustainability of the repair.

The blog writer emphasizes the importance of sustainable battery pack repairs, showcasing their expertise in handling such complex issues. They have successfully repaired numerous Tesla battery packs, ensuring the longevity of these electric vehicles.

In the end, the blog writer reflects on the importance of being able to repair individual cells in a battery pack, highlighting the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of such repairs. The story ends with a note on the longevity of Tesla battery packs and the potential for them to last for hundreds of thousands of kilometers with proper care and maintenance.

Overall, the blog story is a fascinating insight into the world of Tesla battery pack repairs, showcasing the dedication and expertise required to keep these electric vehicles running smoothly. It highlights the importance of sustainable practices in the automotive industry and the impact of music in telling a unique and engaging story.



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