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Model Y 70,000 Mile Review: Is it Time for a Change?

From the moment I took delivery of my Tesla Model Y in July of 2020, I knew it was going to be a game-changer. Now, with over 70,000 miles on the vehicle, I have experienced a lot of ups and downs, upgrades and changes. In this blog story, I will break down the wear and tear, battery degradation, insurance costs, and everything else I have encountered as a Tesla Model Y owner.

One of the first things that people complain about with their Tesla is the range of the vehicle. As I drove to Eloy, Arizona, I found myself cutting it close with only 1% battery left. The range has decreased over time, but with a buffer beyond 0%, I have learned to manage my trips efficiently. The Tesla Supercharger network has been a huge value, making road trips a breeze.

I have made several upgrades to my Model Y, including new suspension, wheels, and tires. The 20-inch wheels have provided a more precise handling, but the 19-inch wheels offer better comfort. I have also added paint protection film to prevent chips and damage to the vehicle.

In terms of insurance costs, I pay $777 for 6 months through Mercury auto insurance, which breaks down to $129.50 per month for my Tesla Model Y. I have learned the importance of shopping around for insurance to get the best rates.

The interior of the vehicle has held up well, with durable vegan leather seats and a clean white interior. I have also added 3D floor mats to protect the interior carpeting and enhance sound deadening.

The technology in the Model Y has been impressive, with regular software updates adding new features and improvements. The Tesla app allows for remote monitoring and control of the vehicle, making it convenient and user-friendly.

One of the biggest challenges I have faced with the Model Y is the heat coming through the panoramic glass roof, especially in extreme climates like Phoenix. I have added a sunshade to help regulate the temperature inside the car.

Overall, my experience with the Tesla Model Y has been positive, with its versatility, performance, and technology making it a great daily driver. However, with advancements in battery technology and the lure of low financing rates, I am considering upgrading to a newer model in the near future.

In conclusion, the Tesla Model Y has been a reliable and efficient vehicle for my daily needs, but with the constant evolution of electric vehicles, it may be time to explore new options. The journey with my Model Y has been memorable, and I look forward to what the future holds in the world of electric vehicles.



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