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Spring Makeup Look: Vogue’s Coquette Beauty Secrets

Spring is in the air and Eloise is back with a brand new makeup routine that is perfect for the season. As she sits in her stunning bathroom, she excitedly shares her girly girl makeup routine with her loyal followers.

Eloise starts off by prepping her skin with her favorite skincare products, creating a glowing base for her makeup. She then moves on to her Laura Mercier primer, perfect for the upcoming warmer weather. Hydration is key, and Eloise swears by her new face Trinity device for keeping her skin looking snatched.

Next, Eloise grabs her trusty Summer Fridays lip butter balm, ensuring her lips are smooth and hydrated for the day ahead. As she applies her makeup, Eloise explains that she’s leaning into a pink, girly girl look for spring, opting for light and natural makeup that accentuates her features.

Eloise shares her favorite products, from Gucci concealer to Hourglass blush, creating a fresh and dewy look that is perfect for the season. She emphasizes the importance of curling lashes and finding the right mascara brush for your lashes, showcasing her favorite Kush mascara by Milk.

As Eloise finishes her makeup look with a swipe of lip balm, she reflects on the beauty of spring and the joy it brings. With a final twirl in her bathroom, Eloise is ready to frolic in the sunshine, feeling confident and beautiful in her new spring makeup routine.

Stay tuned for more beauty tips and tricks from Eloise as she continues to share her favorite products and looks with her followers. Happy Sunday, and until next time!



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