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Wilson Sent me an Improved Gen1 Airless Basketball

The story of the 0.24 Wilson basketball is a fascinating journey into the world of sports innovation and collector’s items. When Unbox Therapy received the initial version of the airless gen one basketball, there were some minor issues with tiny fractures developing. However, after reaching out to Wilson, they were able to send over a new and improved black version.

The packaging and presentation of the basketball clearly indicate that it is meant to be a display piece rather than a daily use item. With a certificate of authenticity and a plaque from Wilson, it is clear that this basketball is a special and unique piece of sports history.

Testing the basketball on the court revealed some interesting differences compared to a regular basketball. The weight and resistance of the airless ball made shooting and dribbling a unique experience. While it may take some time to adjust to the different feel of the airless basketball, it is still a functional and impressive piece of sports equipment.

Overall, the 0.24 Wilson basketball is a blend of innovation, design, and functionality. Whether you choose to display it as a collector’s item or take it out on the court for a game, this basketball is sure to spark conversation and intrigue among sports enthusiasts.



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