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Pre-Market Report for June 5, 2024

Hello and welcome to the pre-market report sponsored by Delta. Today, we are looking at the US markets which closed marginally higher, showing signs of volatility. Asian markets are mixed as usual, with the GI Nifty indicating a gap up for our market.

However, it’s important not to rely solely on the GI Nifty. Looking at the HDFC Bank ADR, we can see a significant underperformance compared to the Indian market. This discrepancy highlights the importance of understanding the nuances of different markets.

In terms of trading opportunities, option premiums are currently very lucrative, especially with the high India VIX. This presents a great opportunity for option sellers to capitalize on market volatility.

Moving on to politics, the upcoming elections will have a significant impact on the stock market. There are three possible scenarios: a smooth sailing for Narendra Modi, NDA forming the government with a different Prime Minister, or NDA losing support to the India Alliance. Each outcome will have a different effect on the market, so it’s important to stay informed and adjust your positions accordingly.

As a trader, it’s crucial to be prepared for potential market weakness, even in the face of a gap up. Defensive stocks may provide support, while cyclical stocks could contribute to market volatility. Taking short-term bets and booking profits when necessary is key to navigating these uncertain times.

Overall, it’s important to stay informed, adapt to market conditions, and make strategic decisions to maximize your trading opportunities. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more updates.



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